Lease Agreement Addendum:
  1. Rent is due on the first day of the month. Rent not received by the 12th of the month will be assessed a $55.00 late fee.
  2. Tenant is expected to keep the unit clean and free of insects, mold, mildew, vermin and any other pests or nuisances.
  3. No smoking, candles or incense burning allowed in unit. No open flames allowed, nothing that generates ash or smoke is allowed in unit. Smoke detector must be operable at all times and will be tested periodically by lessor or building management personnel.
  4. No redecorating, repainting, remodeling or other changes allowed without prior consent of lessor.
  5. The cost of bed bug remediation will be charged back to tenant if tenant is found responsible for bringing bed bugs or any other pests into the unit.
  6. Any fines levied against lessor for acts due to tenant or anyone in tenant's premises will be repaid by tenant to lessor within 30 days of said fine levied against lessor.
  7. Tenant agrees to inventory of contents as provided.
  8. Pets require condominium board approval.
  9. Tenant has acknowledged receipt of the City of Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Summary and the City of Chicago Bed Bug Brochure.
  10. TENANT acknowledges that his rights hereunder are in all respects subject to the Declaration of Condominium for the 5445 Edgewater Plaza Condominium Association and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, all as presently in force or as amended from time-to-time hereafter, and TENANT agrees to be bound by and abide with the provision of the Declaration and the rules and regulations as aforesaid. TENANT'S agreement to be so bound and to observe the provisions of the Declarations and rules and regulations in no way lessons LESSOR'S responsibilities and obligations under the Declaration and rules and regulations.
  11. The Municipal Code of Chicago, chapters 5 through 12 shall apply to this rental agreement as found on this website.
  12. Violation of any of these covenants will result in eviction of tenant and security deposit will be forfeited.
  13. Tenant has read and agrees to these additional lease covenants. These covenants are part of the lease agreement.
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