Brown v. Board of Education in Israel and Palestine

So AOC was in tears and voted present on the funding bill to replace Israel's Iron Dome rockets. Kamala Harris was unable to answer a question posed to her by a student in regards to genocide.

Harris should have answered that student by asking her another question. How did you get here? How did I get here?

And Harris should have answered that question herself by saying:
We both studied and worked hard for this privilege. We are examples of what positive efforts can achieve.

So here's what I suggest we do. We take a few million dollars out of the appropriation that drove AOC to tears and use it to fund a few schools in the West Bank and near the Gaza Strip. These schools will offer the best public school education available to an equal number of Jewish and Palestinian children. These schools will teach the Palestinians Hebrew and the Jews Arabic. English will be the language of instruction. Other languages will be offered if the demand is there. These kids will start their education as early as possible and their continuing education will be funded at no cost to them up to and including graduate studies. This effort will continue for as long as it takes to achieve peace between these parties.

And I hope they all win Nobel Prizes and heal the world.