Beyond Thunder Pussy

We got the band back together again. As always, finding the right name is critical. This time around, we decided to call ourselves Beyond Thunder Pussy Riot Galore. Yes, it's a bit wordy, so for short we go by the acronym BTPRG, until we come up with something better.

In reality, we're just a group of misanthropic old white guys with a chip on our shoulder because we never got enough in our youth and now we're too old to enjoy it, anyway. So today, we're out there, grabbing at any money making opportunity we can dive into, and we really don't care what Pat Metheny thinks of our band. We make way more money than he ever did, so phuque (sic) him. Sure he plays guitar far better than I ever will, but I can sustain any note just as long as Kenny G. (much easier on a guitar, I might add), as well as playing more out of tune than either of them will ever admit to. In today's grunge world, that's a strength, not a weakness.

Rock On, sisters and brothers, Rock On!