Pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Yale University.
Joe Biden spoke of the need for peaceful demonstrations but he wasn't forthright enough. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, all fought for the rights and freedoms many of us enjoy today, not with violent acts but by rejecting violence completely. This is a lesson college students, in particular, need to learn. Some students, at some colleges have, but they haven't gotten anywhere near the attention as others. This is in large measure a fault of our media's yellow journalism "if it bleeds, it leads" predilection. Allegedly, outside agitators were the troublemakers in several of these instances.

Colleges and universities are meant to be places for the free exchange of ideas, a source of solutions and enlightenment. How much will divestment achieve? How much will cutting academic ties achieve? Walling off new ideas and innovations doesn't have a very stellar track record and is antithetical to the purpose of higher education itself. Do we solve problems by creating more hate and division? What can we learn from King, Gandhi, Tutu and Mandela? What haven't we learned from them?

I'm looking for a scholarly dissertation here. Calling for the eradication of any ethnic group will earn you a failing grade and possible expulsion.