Miles Davis' critique of Kind of Blue, universally recognized as one of the best albums ever recorded; “it's more like warmed-over turkey”. Sorry Miles, you can't walk away from it that easily. Thickened over time, the gravy still does it quite well, you have to at least concede that much.

Had he instead said, “Yeah, it's the best music the world has ever heard”, I might like him just a little bit less, but how can you not love a guy who's self-effacing to that extreme? He never stopped exploring, never ceased pushing the boundaries.

To me, art is defined by time. Time enhances true art and ignores the rest. Will Chief Keef be remembered 50 years from now? Not likely. Will Kind of Blue still be remembered 50 years from now? Well, it made thru its first half century pretty well. I'm optimistic about the next 50.