If you go to Google maps and zoom in on downtown Chicago, you will find a link to the Cboe Futures Exchange. If you click on that link, you will be presented with some details about Cboe. Clicking on the image at the top left will show a list of pics related to Cboe. The second image down is the trading floor, taken after trading hours, hence the lack of people on the floor. In the upper left hand corner of that pic, you can see my old office area with windows that allowed observation of the trading floor below. My cube is visible there. I worked at a stand up desk with dual monitors. You can see the backside of those monitors in the snippet above from that image.

I loved that location. I felt I had my finger on the pulse of the market, as my cube was directly above the SPX trading pit. When those traders below me were yelling at each other, I knew the market was moving and Cboe was making money. Occasionally, on really good days, I could hear the traders swearing at each other. Cha ching! For sure my annual bonus was gonna be a little bigger.

I'n not sure how much longer this image will be there on Google maps, as Cboe will be moving out of this building in the not too distant future, so I wanted to document my claim to fame while I still had the chance.

I owe all this to David Messerschmidt, a gentleman that I never had the opportunity to meet.