Where's the outrage?

Common Sense Gun Control Laws

The endless carnage here in America is the price of freedom?

You can take a good idea too far. The second amendment totals 27 words, in a single sentence. That sentence is a unified idea, to be read and understood in its entirety. Indeed, that's what a well constructed sentence is. Let's look at that sentence grammatically for a moment, before considering its legal interpretation.

The first 13 words of that sentence relate to a well regulated militia. We cannot slice and dice it as we choose. We cannot ignore the introductory, principal assertion if it doesn't comport with our personal views on the subject matter. We might as well go ahead and remove the word not from the 10 commandments.

The Supreme Court got it wrong.
  • No civilian should be allowed to own an assault rifle of any type. Not even an AR modified for single action use. These weapons can be easily modified for rapid fire. In addition, no civilian should be allowed to own a magazine fed weapon.

  • No civilian should be allowed to own a handgun. Only police officers or other official government authorized personnel will be allowed to carry any easily concealed weapon.

  • Civilians may own bolt action, single shot long guns or unmodified shotguns for hunting or sporting purposes. Bolt action weapons are more accurate and are better suited for both of the above purposes.
This is not the price of freedom. (Benjamin Franklin's famous assertion referred to taxation, not weapons.)

Handguns are far more prolific and cause far more deaths here in the United States than assault rifles.

We need a set of laws (not moments of silence) that apply uniformly from coast to coast. Those who say making more laws only empower criminals have a point. Laws that have only local jurisdiction are meaningless when criminals can get what they want by merely crossing the state line. Here in Chicago, criminals get their weapons in Indiana, where they can buy handguns by the duffel bag full.

When will common sense prevail? How many more innocent people will die before we stop empowering the criminals and madmen that live among us? We can no longer ignore this problem and now is the time to address it. Doing nothing is not an option.

Where's the outrage?