Our national anthem has become a hugely controversial issue in what was once seen as a standard opening ritual at sporting events here in America. There's a movement afoot to abolish the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem. It's been suggested many times over the years that we honor the majesty of our great nation with America the Beautiful instead. Indeed, this was the case until 1931.

America the Beautiful is easier to sing, covering a smaller tonal range, and the lyrics contain nothing in regards to hostility or bravery. The song conveys images of beauty, bounty and peacefulness. The last line, however, may be problematic with the woman's movement as far as brotherhood between our shores is concerned. Are women excluded here?

It's time to wipe the slate clean and embrace a new standard. The people in the fine state of Washington were onto something years ago. Many progressive ideas have filtered into mainstream America from the coasts and the time for fulfillment of this particular vision has arrived.

Yes, I'm talking about Louie Louie. No need to deal with the question of patriotism or the issue of discrimination against any group.

As luck would have it, International Louie Louie Day falls fortuitously near the deadline for filing federal tax returns. I suggest that on April 11, while singing our new national anthem, we all raise a collective digit of choice to honor the IRS. (No taxation without representation.) I doubt any American would have a problem with this and I think Satchmo would like it too.