The science is in

I can't decide if the Trump administration has its head in the sand or up its own derriere.

Cutting funding for science not only steals the future from our children, but puts our destiny more squarely in the hands of other nations. America is ceding its scientific and technological pre-eminence, threatening our dominance on the world stage.

We surrender billions of dollars every day to nations that abhor democracy, something we've been doing for many years now. Why do we continue to enrich our adversaries when it is within our power to correct the flow of capital out of the United States?

Now, clearly, a lot of this has to do with support of vested interests as well as climate change denial. The science is in, and few people refute the fact that humans have had an immense impact upon our planet, mostly for the worse, and that our carbon based energy consumption must be re-engineered to embrace more eco-friendly technologies.

Why does our government support coal mining when expanding existing know how in the green economy would provide much more domestic growth and non-exportable jobs here in America?

Like many other things, the answer can be found by following the money. Disruptive technologies by definition threaten the status quo. I don't think the majority of Americans are happy with the state of our economy today. But I'm sure Trump and the one percenters have few complaints there. Now I don't want to hurt his feelings, as he is a very sensitive man in that regard. I'm very sure however, that his perfectly quaffed head is in one of the 2 aforementioned places. But then again, despite the size of his hands, his head is big enough to be in both places at once. Very big man, very painful, indeed.