Super Bowl LII

This may seem treasonous, but personally, I could care less what teams play or win the Super Bowl. I'm far more interested in other events that surround the game itself. The national anthem ceremony, the half time show, and of course, the commercials, at 10 million dollars a minute, provide far more entertainment value for me.

Who will be singing the national anthem? Kayne West? Who will be kneeling? What pop star will lead the half time entertainment? What grandiose statement will they attempt to make? What cause will they champion?

The only thing I'm sure of, is that the cost of the commercials will break all records. Some may even be memorable. Considering what the sponsors are paying for airtime, blinking is out of the question. These precious moments may help me decide what brands of cars and beer I should be purchasing, which is of critical importance to me.

I will be watching these things closely. The game itself? Not so sure about that.