Electic Ladyland - From Sea to Shining Sea

I really like the idea that Toyota is promoting - hybrid vehicles combining ICE and EV in one package. This provides us with the transitional solution we need until we get to full electrification of our vehicle fleet while upgrading our electrical grid. Both are required and necessitate enhancing our electrical grid with smart technologies, iron air batteries, and ultimately replacing our roughly 150,000 service stations nationwide with their battery charging equivalents.

To keep America moving seamlessly, electrification of our vehicle fleet must be done hand in hand with upgrading our electrical grid, and is an effort the U.S. government is best capable of leading. Indeed, private industry cannot offer the leadership or scope necessary to make this happen on its own. The free market, laissez faire economy cannot do this by itself, government oversight, incentives, and yes, regulations are required. This is the "Star Wars" bold and visionary project we need to agree upon today, which is as important as bringing microchip plants back to our shores, and probably more so.

Once we've applied Moore's law to our transportation and energy sectors, we can sit back and enjoy the ride to an energy independent and greener future, as well as setting an example for the rest of the world, while saving the planet from environmental catastrophe as a nice side benefit.

This challenge, more commercial than it is technological, requires little more than a rethinking of our consumer and travel habits. It was the government that built our Interstate Highway system and a century earlier, incentivized the railroads to lay tracks from coast to coast. This opportunity, ensuring America's energy independence and global leadership for generations to come, is not much different.

Just like Walmart located their stores along major interstate highway junctions, we follow the same game plan with our charging stations. Until we develop true solid state batteries that can be quickly recharged, we co-locate charging stations strategically near venues where people are more likely to spend time shopping, eating and pursuing other activities.

We put men on the moon to demonstrate the superiority of our capitalistic democracy over that of communist ideology, a risky venture that proved successful. The solutions offered here have much less risk, and arguably, much greater and immediate payback.

Given that the most critical areas of research and development have already been achieved, the American taxpayer should not be overly burdened with shouldering the cost of this initiative. The government provides the vision and incentives, and lets the free market do the rest.

Now having said all that, here's a home grown, game changing technology that may soon be available and another vertically integrated American company, that figured out how to improve battery efficiency by orders of magnitude.

Laying the groundwork for today's internet, putting men on the moon and bridging our frontiers are among the accomplishments Americans can be proud of. Our future holds even greater promise.