The New World Order

The fact that NASCAR and the State of Mississippi have dropped the Confederate flag is very encouraging. Race relations will never be ideal, but at least as a nation, we're moving in the right direction. Symbols are important, they represent who we are and what we uphold. Removal of statues of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and other Confederate slaveholders was a no brainer. But what about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and other leaders who were wealthy slaveholders? What do we do with their statues?

We need a new deal, we need to acknowledge and come to terms with our racist past. We had affirmative action, which helped a little, but America is a much more heterogeneous country now than it was even just a generation ago. White privilege is holding America back from its true potential as a world leader. Whites aren't even a majority any more, silent or otherwise.

The Green New Deal is a very ambitious step toward greater equality and fairness in our fractured land, but we need to go further. The future of America is the future of the world. Few people argue that fact. Beyond race relations, beyond politics, beyond public health, the future of mankind is at a precipitous crossroad right now.

America needs to surrender some of its sovereignty to the United Nations. All other nations need to do the same. We need to co-ordinate our efforts to save the planet for our children. The money spent on national defense, if redirected toward the goal of saving the planet, would easily cover that cost.

We start by following the money. If you want to participate in world trade, there is a long list of requirements that must be met first. Financial transparency, no tax havens, no bilateral or regional deals or cartels, no tariffs, protection of intellectual property rights, rigorous auditing of all transactions, environmental protections, respect for human rights, their health and safety and most importantly, equal rights for women. A fair and level playing field for every nation and all its people.

With the technology available today, these things are doable. Our armed forces are replaced with accountants, auditors, attorneys, and information technologists who implement the policies and procedures necessary to ensure all cross border transactions are conducted in accordance with the applicable international law, overseen and administered by the United Nations.

American leadership can make this happen. If you want to get something, you have to be willing to give up something in return. The Secretary General of the United Nations will be the most powerful person on the planet, superseding the authority of the President of the United States and all other world leaders. I nominate a woman, given the responsibility to preserve, protect and defend Mother Earth and her inhabitants from all threats, whether they be asteroids from outer space, pocket dictators here on this planet or tiny bugs that infect everyone.

The League of Nations was the first step. The United Nations was its successor. The cold war derailed the effectiveness of the United Nations. We won that war but we haven't yet won the peace. The battle being fought today is beyond hearts and minds and the superiority of one economic or political order over another. Ecological collapse within one generation is inevitable if we don't take action now. We need a world body to take charge.

America has surrendered its leadership. But maybe we had to do this anyway for the greater good. The best leaders lead by example.

Imagine all the people, living life in peace - John Lennon.