Now here's the dream ticket for 2024. Trump was never very happy with Pence, that fiendish, diabolical scoundrel who foiled his dastardly plot to overthrow the government of the United States. Boris Badenov would never stoop so low as to defy his Fearless Leader, Vladimir Putin. If you need a nogoodnik, turncoat Russian agent on your team, bring in a professional, not a dilettante like Pence.

Trump is a really smart guy, recognized worldwide as a stable genius. He won't make that mistake again.

We need to fulfill Marjorie Taylor Greene's vision of a Gazpacho Police state. Please rush your donations to the Trump-Badenov campaign fund as soon as possible. All donations will be matched 2 for 1 by the Citizens for Vladimir Putin Peace Foundation, but you must act now before Putin nukes the world.

Together, we can do this.