If you're ever lost in a forest in America, start yelling about politics. Someone will soon arrive to argue with you.

As John Kennedy might say:

You ask, Waikiki? I ask you, why not Kiki? She was way hotter than Marilyn Monroe.

Occam's can opener:

If 2 or more solutions are available to solve a given problem, always go with the one that will maximize your department's budget.

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Banned by the NY Times SCPDY!

Never before in the history of Illinois have so many done so much for so few

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Sittin' on the top of the can, I'll be sittin' when the evening comes.
Saw my doctor in Georgia, he said this will take the strain away.
Drank a shot of his tonic, down aroun' the Frisco Bay.
Thought I'd be back in the game, but everythin' remained the same.
I'm just sittin' on the top of the can, feeling my ga-as, roll away.
I'm just sittin' on the top of the can, wastin' time.