Bulk Internet

I'm sure there are many of us who are very pleased with our new Tivo/Internet package, ostensibly acquired at a bulk rate to save us money. For me, it worked out well since formerly, I had been paying for internet service directly to RCN. Now, for a nominal additional fee added to my monthly assessment, I am free of my prior larger monthly obligation to RCN and I get a cool Tivo rolled into the plan. Sweet deal!

That is, of course, assuming you want internet and Tivo cable service in the first place. Now, you're paying for it whether you want it or not. Those of us who don't want it are subsidizing those who do. The additional fees are assessed on a per unit basis, not on the basis of percentage association ownership. Consequently, we have the situation where studio and one bedroom units are further subsidizing 2 bedroom unit resident/owners.

Keep in mind that everyone on the board lives in a 2 bedroom unit. Indeed, the board attempted to acquire bulk internet service some time ago, but there was one former board member who owned several rental units and refused to agree to a such a contract because it would have raised the assessments on her rental units too high.

These charges are now a permanent addition to our monthly assessments that can only rise over time. Clearly, something of this significance should have been submitted to a general vote of unit owners, and not left exclusively to our board to decide. Now in fairness to Betty and Tom, they voted against this proposal.

Again, we have another example in which our board members are taking unfair advantage of the majority of Park Tower residents. The bulk contract with RCN was never voted upon by a majority of unit owners, as should have been done with any new fees made a permanent part of our monthly assessments. Those who control the gold make their own self serving rules.