The Free Lunch

For years, rumors have been floating around that board members get preferential, red carpet treatment from management, including free repairs on all their units. One individual in particular, who is no longer on the board, allegedly had carpeting installed in her rental units that exactly matches the carpet installed in our hallways. Not a very pretty sight, I'm sure.

George is getting his unit completely remodeled by the same company we are contracting with to replace our risers. Now doesn't that lead one to suspect a possible conflict of interests? Particularly when his cronies vote in lockstep with anything George wants our association to do?

Our board members should be held to a very high standard, in large measure to avoid these sort of questions.

When members of congress leave office, they are banned for 2 years from working with any company that lobbies congress. Similarly, sitting board members should not be allowed to engage any company the association has signed a contract with while they are serving on the board and for 2 years thereafter. Each board member should be required to sign a binding statement to that effect that is held in file by management.

Also, I suggest we implement a ticketing system, if we don't already have one in place for all unit work orders. The only visits any maintenance personnel will make to a unit while they are on the clock, outside of emergency repairs, will be through an appointment made on our work order ticket system. This system will be audited periodically to look for trends from both units and types of repair. Indeed, such a system would be of value not only to ensure compliance but also to help us become more proactive and improve our budgeting process, in addition to improving the efficiency of our maintenance staff. Ideally, our maintenance crew will know exactly what they will be working on as soon as they start their day. Indeed, the benefits will be manifold.

I suggest the board pass a regulation in this regard. In fact, I think a special set of rules and regulations should be considered for board members.

We need to hold our board members to a higher standard, which shouldn't be hard given the standards they've held themselves to, to date.