A luxury unit

Now this is a most interesting building. I actually worked here for a few weeks when it was still the American Furniture Mart. In fact, I was working there the day Mayor Richard J. Daley passed away, just a few blocks away.

Years later, Playboy moved their headquarters here. I got a glimpse of Christie Hefner's office while there for a job interview. They occupied 2 floors of the building. Their offices were loaded with paintings (probably originals) from LeRoy Neiman. Playboy moved to LA a few years ago and now I think the entire building is residential.

The condos in this building are very high end. The assessments on this particular unit are $7.00 less than mine and the unit is 300 square feet bigger than mine. Heating and air conditioning is included in the assessements. Some might say our building includes that in our assessments as well but that's not a completely true statement. The electricity that runs the fan motors that blow the air into our units is charged to the unit and as you know electricity can get expensive in the summer months.

680 N. Lake Shore Drive listing