The Ingold Ambition

Anyone remember the Bob Newhart Show from the '70s? It ran successfully for several years. The show made Thorndale Beach North condominiums famous. Unfortunately, that same condo association has more recently become infamous, principally due to the machinations of their board president, Sigrid Ingold. Now, George has been on our board for 9 years and has turned our association into a very divisive group, rewarding his friends with contracts, jobs and other incentives while intimidating his adversaries , including other board members, both openly at board meetings and any other opportunity that presents itself. Our declaration should be amended to expand the number of board members from 5 to at least 7, which might help to erode George's hegemony. Board members should also rotate their positions periodically and term limits should be enforced. These changes would help to reduce the likelihood of our association spinning into an abyss like Thorndale Beach condominium.

I strongly encourage you to visit their blog. It provides a chilling account of what can happen when someone in power is allowed to run amok, without oversight, accountability or transparency, which is the sort of thing that is happening here as well. The way to counter this is through vigilance. We assume that the assets of this association are managed wisely and that our board acts fairly and honorably. This is naive. This web site is an effort to counter the fate of Thorndale Beach North. Maybe we can bring more attention to the issues here by getting Bob to move into Park Tower. Our building is far more visually impressive than Thorndale Beach North, anyway.