The association has decided to reopen our health club. This is a really bad idea. We have already implemented policies to limit the spread of this disease and this decision is counterproductive to those goals.

Let's say for example we have Fred Williams, a robust young man and active health club member, who does his daily laps in our swimming pool. Unbeknownst to him, he is an asymptomatic carrier of the COVID-19 virus. Our diligent maintenance crew disinfects the pool and all other areas of the health club daily. Morris Dyson, a member of this crew, contracts the COVID-19 virus while performing his duties at the health club. He is also asymptomatic. Morris is assigned the task of replacing the HVAC filters in our units. He is now a super spreader, putting at risk the inhabitants of every unit he visits. Mabel Elderberry, an 85 year old woman with breathing problems, who never leaves her unit, contracts the corona virus and dies 2 weeks later. Several other Park Tower residents contract the disease, some of whom die and spread the disease further within our building.

An investigation later determines that these initial victims, most of whom were elderly, lived alone and seldom ventured out of their units, all shared a visit from Morris Dyson who replaced their HVAC filters around the same date.

The association is served a class action suit, joined by many residents. Keep in mind that we have many elderly and at risk people living here at Park Tower. This scenario is not as far-fetched as it may seem.

Odds are, the corona virus pandemic will get worse, potentially a lot worse, before it gets better. Opening the health club feeds this beast.

Why are we exposing our association, the residents who live here and our service personnel to these unnecessary risks?