Home First Illinois

Home First Illinois is a housing program launched by Governor Pat Quinn designed to integrate people with disabilities into their community and save the taxpayers' money. Certainly laudable goals.

HFI has purchased 8 units in our building that are currently housing residents with behavioral disabilities. Behavioral disabilities are a world of difference from physical disabilities. There have been reports of excessive noise emanating from the units in which these people reside, intimidation of other building residents by some of these people and instances of one of these individuals appearing intoxicated and falling down in our lobby, causing harm to himself and creating a public nuisance. It's not hard to envision the prospect of a lawsuit from this individual in the future.

From our condo declaration page 13:

Except as set forth above with respect to the Commercial Units, no industry, business trade, occupation or profession of any kind, commercial, religious, educational, or otherwise, designed for profit, altruism, exploration, or otherwise, shall be conducted, maintained, or permitted on any part of the Property.

Our newsletter from May 16, 2014 stated:

The Association's counsel advised that the Board cannot prohibit anyone from purchasing a unit so long as the use of the unit is residential.

HFI is not anyone, HFI is a non profit corporation, which clearly contravenes the intent of our condo declaration. For our association attorney to make such a statement, is disingenuous and raises questions about his allegiance to the interests of our association.

Accommodations can, have, and are continuing to be made to our common elements to assist people with physical disabilities. This is not an issue. Threats to the well being of those who live here, however, cannot be tolerated.