King George

I got a letter dated May 28, 2014, printed with an official Park Tower letterhead, mailed in an envelope with a Park Tower logo and return address and signed by George Pauley, our condominium board president. I’m sure you did, too.

It costs about $300.00 to send a mailing to every unit in the building, add to that the cost of printing the letter, the envelope and the time taken for our management office personnel to prepare and send the mailing and you're probably talking about $500.00 total.

Funds that were spent by our association in support of George Pauley's agenda.

Now, it may not be apparent to all unit owners but George and board members David Nicosia and Michael Parrie typically vote in unison on substantive board issues, as documented in the Special Election Supplement to the June 2015 edition of Tower Talk and at our own web site. As there are 5 board members total, all it takes are 3 votes to control the board. Keep in mind that George and Dave had both a literal and figurative dog in our election fight. His letter is a not so veiled attempt to discredit his opponents and make light of issues pertaining to our association as described elsewhere on this site.

George has no right to spend association (our) money to fund his counter-campaign. He should stay out of any campaign discussion and he certainly has no right to spend our money in support of, or opposition to, any issues in the election.

If either Betty or Agata lose this election they would be well within their rights to litigate the association for electioneering with association funds. George committed both an ethical and a legal indiscretion with that letter. I can’t believe our association attorney would condone this. It was requested that he be present at the board meeting on May 27, where this letter was ratified by the 3 board members mentioned earlier, but he was too smart to attend.

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, this association is not George’s fiefdom, our finances are not his personal piggy bank and the members of this association will not be intimidated by him or his cohorts. His letter of May 28 is evidence of all 3 assertions.